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Seb Goldswain

At the age of twenty seven, Seb Goldswain is already being considered by many of South Africa’s elite professional musicians as one of the top performing guitar players in the country. Seb is a highly versatile musician,  having studied Jazz guitar and Composition up to Honours level at UKZN, and apart from performing with his own original electric band, as well as regularly working with some of SA’s top established artists, also performs his own highly energetic original solo acoustic set to wild reception. Armed with either an acoustic guitar or with an electric guitar and a Marshall stack, Sebastian has the rare ability to wow and draw crowds into a frenzy with nothing but his original music, electric stage energy and outstanding guitar playing.

Telling people I play the guitar for a living never gets old. Every single day is unique in some crazy way, with some ludicrous challenge I could never have anticipated. And I absolutely love it—all the highs and lows thrown in—and wouldn’t change it for the world. Whether I’m performing with a major artist while backed by a 50 piece orchestra, in studio for a highly demanding session, rehearsing with my awesome band, or even simply being in the audience to imbibe the experience of live music, I revel in every aspect of my lifestyle. My hope is to share even a fraction of the excitement and joy it brings me with as wide an audience as I can.

A career in music is a tour-bus from which to view the panorama of life. It’s also a microscope through which to examine the mysterious and complex entity that is the human soul. Through music I have seen many experience wild euphoria and dark soul-wrenching depression. I have witnessed the miraculous effect music has in shaping and influencing our internal well-being…

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