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Are you interested in learning with Seb? Seb has been teaching music and guitar professionally since 2012, and is a graduate of the UKZN school of Jazz and Popular Music (BpracMus 2016) with majors in performance, composition & arranging and electro-acoustics. Seb teaches in person from Hillcrest, Durban when he is not travelling, and offers online Skype lessons for anyone outside of Durban who is interested in learning.

Seb specializes in all styles of acoustic and electric guitar (including fingerstyle, jazz, rock, blues, fusion, worship, country, afro and pop) as well as contemporary music theory, advanced jazz harmony, improvisation, composition, arranging, and recording.

Seb also gives masterclasses and group classes up to tertiary level on various topics including travis picking, jazzing up your blues, and his popular “Professionalism and Finance for music students” class.

To book lessons or make enquiries please contact Seb at bookings@sebgoldswain.com


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