Kearsney College will be celebrating their centenary next year.

I am privileged to have attended Kearsney as a student, but I was also privileged to be commissioned to compose their centenary celebration song late last year.
The project began exactly a year ago, and between recording the distinguished Kearsney College Choir, as well as the entire school shouting war-cries (which was chilling, to say the least), we finally wrapped up production in mid-March this year, right before the COVID lockdowns began.
Kearsney is a tough but highly rewarding environment for a teenage boy who aspires to become a dependable and strong man. It was my home where I truly learned the value of emotional resilience, conviction, music (!!) and excellence, and I will carry those lessons with me for the rest of my life.
It was such a joy to express some of my gratitude for the institution by writing this song for them. It was also loads of fun to change pace and record a pop tune. Somehow, quite against my original will, I even ended up singing the lead vocal!

I hope you enjoy this centenary promo footage:

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