I am very excited to finally join the Patreon platform!

I am incredibly grateful for the support I have received already over there. If you enjoy what I do and find it meaningful, then please do consider partnering with me in this way.

Feel free to check my page out here:

“I believe music is one of the greatest and most profound gifts given to humankind, having the ability to stir and awaken the affections to the things that bring us most fulfillment and joy, yet we are most prone to forget or take for granted.

I am passionate about writing music, and performing for people: with all excellence.
My life’s goal is to stir as many people’s affections to these timeless truths as I can.”

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  • Leighton says:


    Greetings! You come recommended, so I’m reaching out to ya. Herewith my details. Would love to chat RE lesson options with you. My humble, beginner’ish acoustic playing needs love, patience and guidance to get it off the ground! Look forward to talking to you.

    Talk soon,

    PS – your contact form on your site ain’t working!