Telling people I play the guitar for a living never gets old. Every single day is unique in some crazy way, with some ludicrous challenge I could never have anticipated. And I absolutely love it—all the highs and lows thrown in—and wouldn’t change it for the world. Whether I’m performing with a major artist while backed by a 50 piece orchestra, in studio for a highly demanding session, rehearsing with my awesome band, or even simply being in the audience to imbibe the experience of live music, I revel in every aspect of my lifestyle. My hope is to share even a fraction of the excitement and joy it brings me with as wide an audience as I can.

A career in music is a tour-bus from which to view the panorama of life. It’s also a microscope through which to examine the mysterious and complex entity that is the human soul. Through music I have seen many experience wild euphoria and dark soul-wrenching depression. I have witnessed the miraculous effect music has in shaping and influencing our internal well-being.

So, as a performing musician who does not struggle with finding joy in life, I believe I have a moral obligation to excel at my craft, to create expressive music, and to stage performances that demand my whole being. I yearn to provide life-long memories and experiences to those with whom I am fortunate enough to share my passion.

I also have a compelling thirst for truth. I fear the futility of faulty presuppositions and the consequences of shaky facts, and will not settle for discovering anything less than the objective, universal truth.

I do not view music as the end in itself, or even as the means to the end. Instead I see it as the outpouring of my gratitude to the person who is the very means and end himself—to quote C.S. Lewis, “If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another.”

Indeed, nothing has ever captivated me like the historical person of Jesus of Nazareth. I have found his personality to be unequaled, his wisdom unsurpassed, his wit undefeatable, his loving tenderness without blemish, and his divine claims to be superior to those of any other moral teacher in history. But most importantly, I have found the demonstration and propitiation of his saving grace upon the cross to be most irresistible. I believe that Jesus Christ is the good news come into the world to save the world. I believe he is the Way, the Truth and the Life. I believe Jesus’ claims to being the very creator of all created things stands up to all historical, philosophical, and theological challenges raised against them. I also believe that in spite of his perfection and my weakness, he loves a sinner like me. He died and rose to atone for my trespasses, and has blessed me with the greatest gift possible: himself.

So, feel free to contact me. I’m only a tweet away.