The Road Ahead


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The Road Ahead is the second album from South African guitar virtuoso and composer, Seb Goldswain. Following the positive critical response from the acoustic songs on his debut album Pictures of a Thousand Words, various high-profile solo acoustic performances (including opening for George Ezra and various high-profile South African artists), growing a global fan-base and developing a high-energy solo live show more akin to a full band rather than a lone acoustic guitar, Seb has grown to fully embrace the art of acoustic storytelling with The Road Ahead.


  1. Morokeni *
  2. Avalon
  3. The Road Ahead
  4. A Mother’s Prayer
  5. Wayfaring Stranger *
  6. You’re not Alone
  7. Grim FanDjango
  8. Be Still my Soul (Finlandia)
  9. Motown
  10. The Big Day

(*recommended for radio)


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Release Date

May 2019


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