Fingerstyle virtuoso


Composer and Performer

I believe music is one of the greatest and most profound gifts given to humankind, having the ability to stir and awaken the affections to the things that bring us most fulfilment and joy.

Weaving Sonic Tapestry

Hailing from the vibrant city of Durban, South Africa. From the intricate melodies that dance effortlessly on the strings to the energetic rhythms that resonate in your soul, Seb’s music weaves a sonic tapestry that defies expectations. Join us as we delve into the rich layers of his compositions, discover the inspirations behind his artistry, and experience the power of fingerstyle guitar like never before.

From the Sunny City of Durban

Seb proudly carries the rich musical heritage of his homeland in his fingertips, leading him to share the stage with renowned pop-star George Ezra and earn the role of brand ambassador for esteemed instrument companies such as Guitar Gallery and AER Amplifiers.

Seb holds a degree in Jazz and Popular Music, and has performed in Austria, Greece, the UK and the United States. He has performed his original music at many of South Africa’s top music festivals, including Splashy Fen, Afro Punk, BushFire Festival (Swaziland), The Makhanda National Arts Festival, The UNISA International Jazz Festival, The UKZN Youth Jazz Festival and the Durban International Blues Festival.

What makes Seb Unique?

Seb Goldswain’s unique blend of virtuosic fingerstyle guitar mastery, dynamic artistry, and energetic stage presence sets him apart as a truly exceptional musician. His ability to captivate audiences and inspire aspiring musicians with his talent and teaching style makes him a standout figure in the world of fingerstyle guitar.

Jazz Trained

Festival Experience

Performed Internationally

Energetic Stage Presence

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