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Seb Goldswain is a fingerstyle virtuoso, composer and performer from the sunny city of Durban, South Africa. Seb is known for his intricate and energetic style of playing, often leading listeners to believe there must be multiple guitars weaving the rich sonic tapestries they are hearing. Seb’s inspirational live shows are a must-see, and have led him to open for international pop-star George Ezra. Seb’s playing has lead him to be recognised as a brand ambassador for bespoke instrument companies including Guitar Gallery and AER Amplifiers.

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Telling people I play the guitar for a living never gets old. Every single day is unique in some crazy way, with some ludicrous challenge I could never have anticipated. And I absolutely love it—all the highs and lows thrown in—and wouldn’t change it for the world. Whether I’m performing with a major artist while backed by a 50 piece orchestra, in studio for a highly demanding session, rehearsing with my awesome band, or even simply being in the audience to imbibe the experience of live music, I revel in every aspect of my lifestyle. My hope is to share even a fraction of the excitement and joy it brings me with as wide an audience as I can.

A career in music is a tour-bus from which to view the panorama of life. It’s also a microscope through which to examine the mysterious and complex entity that is the human soul. Through music I have seen many experience wild euphoria and dark soul-wrenching depression. I have witnessed the miraculous effect music has in shaping and influencing our internal well-being…

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Seb has been teaching music and guitar professionally since 2012, and is a graduate of the UKZN school of Jazz and Popular Music (BpracMus 2016) with majors in performance, composition & arranging and electro-acoustics.

Seb specializes in all styles of acoustic and electric guitar (including finger-style, jazz, rock, blues, fusion, worship, country, afro and pop) as well as contemporary music theory, advanced jazz harmony, improvisation, composition, arranging, and recording.

Seb teaches online via Zoom for anyone who would like to take their playing and performance to the next level.

Seb also gives masterclasses and group classes up to tertiary level on various topics including Travis picking, jazzing up your blues, and his popular “Professionalism and Finance for music students” class.

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    Lowden F23C

    My main performing guitar is a Lowden F23C. Lowdens are among the best acoustic guitars in the world, and the F23c is one of their most popular models. This guitar sounds warm, balanced and clear, is unbelievably responsive and has loads of headroom.

    Top: Red Cedar
    Back and sides: Claro Walnut
    Neck: 5 Piece Mahogany/Rosewood
    Pickup system: LR Baggs Stage Pro Anthem.

    Learn more about Lowden Guitars

    O’Neill OM Custom

    An OM shape acoustic made for me by Durban luthier Shawn O’Neill

    Top: Torrefied spruce
    Back and sides: Black Chicote
    Neck: Mahogany
    Pickup system: LR Baggs Stage Pro Anthem.

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    AER Pocket Tools Dual Mix 2

    Simply my favourite acoustic DI ever. This small but powerful unit is built with high-end components and does every show with me. It has built in EQ, effects, and sounds nothing short of phenomenal.

    Learn more about Aer Amplifiers

    AER Alpha-Plus

    AER make some of the best acoustic amplifiers in the world, and I love my Alpha-plus. I basically use it as an over-the-top DI box. It is an absolute must-have piece of gear and I cannot imagine playing a show without it.

    Single-channel, two inputs
    50W, dynamic control
    Extended dynamic range
    8 twin cone speaker
    Digital reverb


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